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40-year history!

In just over 40 years, krafton has developed into a well-known and highly respected producer of glass fibre-reinforced polyester profiles and high quality composite structures.

The Netherlands is our home market, however we operate internationally and deliver to customers throughout Europe from our base in Heijningen. Customers who are active in many different branches such as construction, industry, infrastructure, HVAC, offshore, horticulture, energy engineering, sports and leisure. A healthy spread of risk and an extremely stable customer base allow us to achieve autonomous growth year on year.

While we invest constantly in knowledge and technical (production) resources, we also attach great importance to personal contact and knowledge sharing. So we also invest significantly in the relationship with our customers. We enjoy interacting with you as a sparring partner and coming up with alternative, innovative solutions. We cannot afford to sit back complacently, our specialists are always at your disposal for advice and effective action. Realistic, no-nonsense, collaborative and efficient. Speed of response, quality and maximum flexibility for an outstanding price; that is what our clients expect. Value for money that we will always offer with undiminished passion.

Because we are used to going the extra mile at krafton and carrying on when others give up, this website can only give you a fleeting impression of our activities. We warmly invite you to visit us and meet the leading pioneers in the field of pultrusion profiles.

from Bijl to krafton®

After 40 years we changed our name to krafton®


40th anniversary

In 2018, we celebrated our 40th anniversary.


Construction of our new production unit

The next step in preparing Bijl for the future. Construction work for an extra production unit starts at the current location in Heijningen. Based on the current rate of growth, this unit will allow us to continue to reliably deliver products of the same high quality to our customers. The construction work started in Q2 2017 and is scheduled to finish in Q4 2017.


Largest production project

The dome of the subtropical Aqua Mundo swimming paradise at the Center Parcs Het Heijderbos holiday park was completely refurbished. Composite trusses supplied by krafton replaced the existing wooden framework. The I-780x300mm girders in the bottom ring were more than 26 metres long. The vertical beams girders, based on the I-240x150mm profile, were more than 23 m long.


Largest test bench

We attach great importance to reliability at krafton®. This means delivering good products, as agreed and on time. We invested heavily to further improve our performance in this respect. In 2015, krafton® purchased the largest test bench in the Netherlands in its class to allow regular in-house testing. This new equipment allowed us to significantly improve our quality system once again.


Sharing knowledge

The market is becoming increasingly aware of the composite bridges that we produce. In order to share essential knowledge with our customers, krafton® regularly organises seminars that focus on the application of composite materials.


35th anniversary

krafton® celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. Reason enough to thank customers for their long-standing trust in us! “At present, we operate a modern fleet of machinery and produce profiles in the most complex shapes, in accordance with customer specifications and with the exact finish required by the customer. Listening attentively, putting forward ideas based on our expertise and embracing innovation are the basis of our success!''


Sustainable construction

More and more project principals are opting for sustainable construction.. A bridge made fully from GRP (girders, decking and railing) is an excellent choice in this respect. Minimum maintenance and a service life of more than 50 years. GRP is an extremely sustainable product because the process for producing a GRP bridge consumes very little energy in comparison to steel/concrete and no environmentally harmful finishing is required (e.g. hot-dip galvanising).


PX1000-12 ton pultrusion machine

Purchase of a PX1000-12 ton pultrusion machine that allows us to produce 1-metre wide profiles.


Hemac Rotaflex

The addition of a Hemac Rotaflex allows us to supply predrilled and milled profiles to our customers. The purchase of a test machine also allows us to test all our profiles in-house and guarantee even higher quality.


Move to a new site and purchase of new pultrusion machines

We relocated to a new site 400 metres away because we had also outgrown our current building. Three new pultrusion machines were purchased. A number of robots and profiling machines were also purchased to allow final finishing of our profiles.


GRP Isostone thresholds

krafton® produces the first GRP thresholds. These thresholds are no less than 10 times lighter than natural stone thresholds and therefore much easier to handle during transport, final processing and installation. Obviously, the thresholds meet all requirements relating to durability, UV resistance, stiffness, etc.


AdBlue storage container

krafton Adblue Containers® builds the first AdBlue storage container based on our GRP system profiles and couplings. These highly recognisable AdBlue storage systems contribute to cleaner freight transport. We supply the AdBlue storage containers with a DIBT certificate.


Construction of a new building

In 1999, we built a new production unit specifically for pultrusion profiles.


First pultrusion machine

The first pultrusion machine was purchased and we received our first orders from the air treatment sector.


The familiar glass recycling containers

In the 1990s, Bijl Polyester made the familiar glass recycling containers.


Looking for expansion possibilities in Heijningen

Bijl’s activities grew so strongly that we started to look for a larger site in Heijningen.


Polyester tubs for horticulture

Bijl Profielen established a solid reputation in the horticultural sector and produced large volumes of polyester tubs for horticulture.


Start-up in the Westland area

Wim Bijl’s first product after starting his company in the Westland area in 1978 was a mould for a polyester boat.


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