From-BIJL-Bruggen-en-BIJL-Profielen-to-kraftonThe name of our company
has changed

Due to the ever-increasing growth of our activities in international markets, the company changed its name from Bijl Profielen en Bijl Bruggen to krafton® in 2019, after 40 years of trading.

As in the past 40 years, the new name, krafton®, guarantees high quality and a reliable family business. The second and third generations of the Bijl family are now using their professional expertise in the field of pultrusion on behalf of the company and have co-responsibility for the many technical aspects of the pultrusion process.

We are a leading player in Europe in the field of pultrusion, innovation, quality and optimising glass fibre-reinforced plastic products.




Realistic and no-nonsense

Realistic, no-nonsense, collaborative and efficient. Speed of response, quality and maximum flexibility for an outstanding price; that is what our clients expect. Benefits that we will always offer with undiminished passion.

We build on the knowledge and experience that we have acquired over many years, because we want to continue to make progress, together with you. If we do not have it, we make it: we look for the best solution based on your input!

Our Dutch pioneering spirit has put its stamp on our history. We are confident that we will add magnificent new moments and special projects to the existing milestones in our company history.




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… … the leading pioneers in the field of pultrusion profiles.

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