Range of thresholds

We have developed a range of thresholds made from glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) for wooden door frames on behalf of a customer in the building materials sector. The profile is largely made from glass fibre and the black UV-resistant coating with emery grains gives it an attractive textured finish.




GRP profile

Black UV-resistant coating with emery grains.




A range of thresholds made from (GRP)


The main advantages are low weight, extreme strength, resistance to breakage and the minimal coefficient of expansion. The threshold is no less than 10 times lighter than natural stone thresholds and therefore much easier to handle during manufacture, transport, final processing and installation.

The glass fibre-reinforced plastic is almost impossible to break, dimensionally stable and stronger (in terms of tensile strength) than, for example, aluminium. The black UV-resistant coating gives the part an extremely wear-resistant finish.

These thresholds are not sensitive to moisture, have a minimal coefficient of expansion (identical to concrete) and hardly contract or swell when the temperature fluctuates.

The insulation value of the basic threshold design is very favourable. The glass fibre-reinforced threshold features hollow chambers, and the air trapped in those chambers acts as a perfect insulator.

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