krafton® 500.55 GRP bridge decking plank

This plank is the best choice for intensively used pedestrian and cycle bridges, and specially designed for line service vehicles.

Overview of models
Part no.Wear-resistant finishFixing methodSpan
DG50055Anthracite grey wear-resistant finish 1-2 mm (1-2A)On wood, screwed down from above (HB)5 kN, 2 fields: 1,940 mm
RAL colour wear-resistant finish 1-2 mm (1-2Ral)On steel, through the girder (SD)5 kN, 3 fields: 2,600 mm
Wear-resistant finish 1-3 mm (1-3)On steel, clamped to the girder (SG)Vehicle 5t: 1020 mm
On wooden girder, clamped using a GRP angle profile (HHG)
On wooden girder, clamped using a steel angle profile (HS)
On wooden girder with GRP angle profile (HHD)

This krafton GRP bridge decking plank is the strongest plank available on the market with DIBt certification  (no. Z-10.9-655).

The plank has also been assessed in accordance with the Buildings Decree (Bouwbesluit) and NEN-EN 1991-2NB.

  • For refurbishment and new construction
  • Effective size: 500×55 mm
  • Evenly distributed load of 5 kN/m2 (500 kg per m²)
  • Exceptionally high point load of 10 kN (1,000 kg), on 100 x 100mm.
  • Suitable for line service vehicles up to 5 tons (5,000 kg) and incidental vehicles up to 12 tons (12,000 kg).
  • Maximum span width for vehicles: 1,020 mm.
  • Suitable for mounting to a steel, composite and wooden support structure
  • Easy and rapid installation of krafton® bridge decking planks
  • TÜV-certified non-slip coating (R12-R13) with grain sizes from 0.7 to 3 mm.
Scope of supply for krafton® 500.55
  • Bridge decking planks krafton® 500.55, cut to size
  • Client’s choice of TÜV-certified non-slip coating
  • Mounting kit
  • EPDM rubber protector

This bridge decking plank is available from stock.

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Advantages of krafton® GRP bridge decking planks

Good-electrical-and-thermal-insulatorGood electrical and thermal insulator
Resistant-to-corrosionResistant to corrosion and chemicals
High-strength-to-weight-ratioHigh strength to weight ratio

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