krafton® 236.40 GRP bridge decking plank

This plank is ideal for pedestrian bridges, jetties, boardwalks and terraces.

Overview of models
Part no.ModelFixing methodSpan
DG23640Anthracite grey wear-resistant finish 1-2 mm (1-2A)On wood, screwed down from above (HB)5 kN: 1.200 mm
RAL colour wear-resistant finish 1-2 mm (1-2Ral)On steel, through the girder (SD)Vehicle 5t: 500 mm
On steel, clamped to the girder (SG)
On wooden girder, clamped using a GRP angle profile (HHG)
On wooden girder, clamped using a steel angle profile (HS)
On wooden girder with GRP angle profile (HHD)

The main advantage of this plank is the technically extremely advanced and practical click system. The resulting optimal contact at the joints between the planks ensures perfect positioning on the support structure during installation and when in use.

In addition, the horizontal groove in the base of the GRP plank simplifies and speeds up the task of predrilling holes for screws as it prevents the drill bit from slipping off to the side. This makes assembly from above extremely easy and rapid.

  • For refurbishment and new construction
  • Effective size: 236×40 mm
  • Evenly distributed load of 5 kN/m2
  • Maximum span width for vehicles: 500 mm at 5 kN
  • Extremely suitable for fixing from above on  a plastic (e.g. a GRP I girder) and wooden support structure
  • Easy and rapid installation
  • TÜV-certified non-slip coating (R12-R13) with grain sizes from 0.7 to 2 mm
Scope of supply for krafton® 236.40
  • krafton 236.40 bridge decking planks, cut to size
  • Client’s choice of TÜV-certified non-slip coating
  • Mounting kit
  • EPDM rubber protector

This bridge decking plank is available from stock.

Advantages of krafton® GRP bridge decking planks

Good-electrical-and-thermal-insulatorGood electrical and thermal insulator
Resistant-to-corrosionResistant to corrosion and chemicals
High-strength-to-weight-ratioHigh strength to weight ratio

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