The krafton® glass fibre-reinforced plastic planks are coated with a TÜV-tested non-slip or wear-resistant material. This coating complies with the R12 and R13 floor slip ratings.
It also complies with class E fire resistance according to EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009 and ISO11925-2:2010.

All wear-resistant finishes are applied to the plastic planks by hand in our factory. Because this is a manual process, we can quickly formulate and apply specific coatings for customers. We also offer a wide range of different non-slip surfaces.

The different layers comprising the non-slip coating or wear-resistant finish

The layers in our system have been carefully chosen to guarantee high wear resistance and good non-slip performance. The grain size of the filler material is chosen based on the bridge deck’s intended use and the customer’s requirements. krafton® uses PMMA (polymethyl methylacrylate) in the non-slip coating formulations.

Step 1: The PMMA is evenly applied to the planks and levelled
A chemical reaction between the PMMA and the primer creates a strong bond to the bridge decking plank

Step 2: Dry quartz granulate, emery or filter sand is spread over the surface
This combination results in excellent mechanical grip

Step 3: After the primer with the grains of non-slip material has dried, an extra top coat is applied.
We can apply any RAL colour, and transparent top coat if required.


The PMMA forms an elastic membrane with unique properties such as high durability and adhesion, even at low temperatures, and high resistance to chemicals. This material also resists road salt, an extremely important aspect for bridges.

* Emery
Emery is a very hard, natural mineral, similar to corundum. The hardness and irregular shape of the emery grains result in a strong bond with the binder material. When ground down to form grains, emery is an ideal material for non-slip coatings on bridge decks, car park floors and ship decks. Emery is also used as a surface dusting material for wear-resistant road surfaces on motorway exit and access ramps, carriageways and tunnels. Emery is weather-resistant and also resistant to oil, grease and acids.

Please contact us for more information about the non-slip coating.

Grain sizes and colours

The requested grain sizes and colours are applied in line with the customer’s specifications and the application for which the bridge decking planks are to be used.

  • The grain sizes vary from 0.7 to 3 mm.
  • Grains in the 1 to 3 mm range are available in the following standard colours: grey, black, red or sand yellow.

Other RAL colours are possible for the wear-resistant finish on krafton® GRP bridge decking planks.
For example, RAL 7021 (anthracite grey) for a non-slip coating comprising 1 to 2 mm grains.
Sand yellow is always a very popular colour for a wear-resistant finish. This requires a special treatment process, which involves sealing the grains in the plank with a transparent top coat.

Please contact us for more information about grain sizes and colours for the wear-resistant coating.

Range of TÜV-certified wear-resistant coatings

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