You can have us produce custom glass fibre-reinforced polyester (GRP) profiles, made exactly to your specifications and with all the usual advantages offered by GRP: Low-maintenance, uniform colour throughout the profile, UV-resistant, resistant to chemicals and corrosion, non-magnetic, excellent electrical and thermal insulation properties, high tensile strength, low coefficient of expansion and fire-retardant (if required).

We make everything for you to order, in the required colour and in accordance with the highest quality standards. We review the options with you to select the most appropriate solution for your situation.

The section below explains the interactive procedure for producing a custom GRP profile in more detail.

1. Intake interview

Producing a custom krafton GRP profile
We analyse your requirements in an intake interview. During this interview, we explain the pultrusion process and discuss the technical possibilities with you. We also estimate project feasibility based on cost and our production capabilities. Our pultrusion machines enable us to produce profiles measuring a maximum of 1 metre wide and 30 cm high.

2. Profile design

Profile design of the krafton GRP Special Profile
If adequate preliminary feasibility can be demonstrated during the intake interview, we produce a design for your profile. Based on the profile design, we also design a mould. We then send you our quote for the profile and mould.

3. Pultrusion process

krafton Pultrusion Process
If you award us the contract to produce your profile, we send you a final profile drawing for your approval. Following receipt of the signed and approved drawing, we order the mould. Once the mould has been delivered, we invite you to attend an initial production run of the first few metres of the profile for test purposes. Following acceptance of the profile, production begins. The entire procedure, from the initial order to production of the first few metres of profile, takes 12 to 16 weeks.

4. Post-production operations

Finishing the custom GRP profile
In many cases, a profile has to be cut to size, mitered, ground back or drilled. We can also perform these operations for you. We have automatically controlled sawing machines, grinding machines and a machining centre at our disposal for these tasks.

5. Quality

Quality of krafton custom GRP profiles
We discuss and agree possible test and quality control procedures with you. We have equipment available for dimensional inspection and testing the mechanical and electrical properties.

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