A summary of practical applications for GRP profiles is presented below.


krafton® GRP profiles
in Offshore

Resistance to chemicals, durability and consistent quality are important considerations in offshore. Our products are of such high quality that they are also used extensively in this sector, because they meet the highest safety requirements.

We select the best raw materials and combine them with our professional expertise to produce extremely reliable products that satisfy all engineering and design requirements. Because only the best is good enough for you.

The products supplied by krafton® for the offshore sector include:

  • GRP floor grids
  • GRP structural frames
  • GRP ladders
  • GRP platforms
  • GRP tubes
  • GRP railings

Because krafton® has obtained DIBt certification, we also meet the requirements of the German Federal Maritime and Hydrography Agency (Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie/BSH). BSH is the German notified body that assesses suppliers of (parts for) wind turbines for offshore wind farms.


krafton® GRP profiles
in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Cooling)

The conditions in which HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling) equipment has to function are extremely arduous due to high exposure to moisture and cleaning agents, and extreme temperature fluctuations. If this equipment is made from metal, design measures must be taken to prevent thermal bridges.

Our GRP profiles, such as U profiles, tube profiles and box section profiles, have now also been adopted by many manufacturers of equipment for this sector. Our GRP profiles are corrosion-resistant and possess a low coefficient of heat conduction.
HVAC equipment is often installed on roofs, or hung from ceilings or walls. In comparison to traditional materials, the low weight of our glass fibre-reinforced polyester profiles is a significant advantage in this respect.


krafton® GRP profiles
in Transport & Logistics

Sustainability, durability, weight savings and cost savings (from both an environmental and competitive perspective) are constant areas of focus in this sector, which is always highly dynamic. Trucks have become lighter thanks to the use of glass fibre-reinforced plastic, resulting in reduced consumption of crude oil products, which has a positive effect on the environment. Furthermore, trucks with a lower unladen weight can carry more cargo. So weight reduction equates to more products per truckload, meaning that fewer truck movements are required.

We produce many products for the transport sector, including:

  • GRP angle profiles
  • GRP structural profiles
  • GRP floor elements
  • GRP sidewall elements

We make insulated dispenser units for AdBlue distribution, which can also be used for leakproof storage for fluids. Obviously these units are DIBt-certified. Because krafton® stands for quality!


krafton® GRP profiles
in Residential and Non-residential Construction

Modern residential construction is no longer conceivable without the use of GRP components and elements produced on pultrusion lines. Wood, aluminium and steel? These materials can still be used, but they are outdated. Glass fibre-reinforced polyester profiles are the future.

The excellent product characteristics, size options and processing possibilities have convinced many construction contractors that opting for krafton® is an extremely sound investment that pays for itself many times over. Use as an insulator to prevent thermal bridges is one particularly important area of application.

The products produced by krafton® van Bijl include:

  • Trim profiles
  • Drain pipes and gutters
  • Cable ducts
  • Window and door frames
  • Roof edging profiles
  • Door thresholds
  • Planks

In addition, we make special GRP profiles that can be filled with insulation material. This method minimises energy losses in thresholds and door and window frames. This application is only feasible with GRP, because wood, stone or marble do not offer these possibilities.
We are your flexible, professionally expert and knowledgeable sparring partner: that is the added value of krafton®. krafton® offers constructive solutions!


krafton® GRP profiles
in Energy Engineering

Glass fibre-reinforced pultrusion profiles are often used in this sector as insulators in motors and generators. The relatively high temperature resistance, high electrical resistance and mechanical strength are all properties that make these profiles ideal for this area of application.

krafton® is privileged to count several highly reputable energy technology companies in the Netherlands and abroad among its regular customers.


krafton® GRP profiles
in Industry

Our glass fibre-reinforced polyester profiles are used in many different industries. They are used in applications where specific properties of the material offer a decisive advantage.

For example, in electrical engineering, where the material is used because of its high electrical resistance.
Or in farming, because, in addition to being extremely strong, the material is also highly resistant to corrosion and chemical attack.

The profiles are used in the furniture industry because of their ideal ratio between strength and stiffness.
In addition, the properties of the material can be modified for each profile in order to make it suitable for a broad range of applications.


krafton® GRP profiles
in Sports & Recreation

krafton® is a classy player in the sports sector. Our profiles are a match for the very best. In fact, we regularly stand on the winner’s podium. Synthetic resins with special properties that, in combination with special glass fibres and fabrics such as carbon, are extremely durable and super-strong without any bulk and weight disadvantages.

Outstanding performance levels are achieved and records broken increasingly often thanks to GRP profiles from krafton®.
Our custom GRP profiles are used for extremely diverse applications such as: – masts and couplings for surfboards and yachts – poles for Nordic Walking and other competitive walking activities – frames and couplings. krafton® also makes moving floors for swimming pools.


krafton® GRP profiles
in the construction sector

Construction products constantly evolve: Composites are an excellent building material, particularly when demanding requirements apply to the product’s characteristics. For example, low-weight combined with high stability, resistance to corrosion, and good thermal and electrical insulation.

Composites can be used in construction in the same way as steel, wood and other materials. The GRP profiles from krafton® are DIBt-certified!

Would you also like to use composite materials for your construction project?
Please contact us; we will help you open up new possibilities.
krafton® offers you constructive solutions!


krafton® GRP profiles
for marinas and marine applications

We do not build ships at krafton®, however our products are used increasingly often in shipbuilding. Which is understandable, because glass fibre-reinforced polyester has unique properties that are very much in demand in this sector. Unlike metal, which starts to rust in water, polyester and water are highly compatible. It is undemanding, at least as strong, easier to work, non-magnetic, etc.: in other words, krafton® feels completely at home on the water.

The products we supply for this segment include:

  • GRP bridge decking elements, for jetties and platforms
  • GRP construction frames
  • GRP ship’s components
  • GRP rails, ladders and platforms
  • GRP sheet piling walls and combination sheet piling walls (wood with GRP)

krafton® GRP profiles
for Railway Infrastructure and Deutsche Bahn

Our GRP Structural Profiles have been awarded EBA-approval and can therefore be used in railway infrastructure for Deutsche Bahn, and other railway network operators. Fibre composites are significantly lighter than metals. Furthermore, our GRP structural profiles are highly resistant to corrosion and weathering, and non-conductive. This makes GRP an excellent product for Railway Infrastructure and Deutsche Bahn projects.

Because of their light weight, the profiles can be transported and assembled, e.g. as GRP cable ducts and for special GRP structures, without having to use a crane. Any modifications required at the installation site can be made easily and safely: unlike metals, no sparks are generated when working GRP, and it is an excellent electrical insulator.

GRP structures are ideal for replacing wooden and steel structures and railings when modernising or building new railway bridges. Extremely stable, corrosion-resistant and visually attractive bridge railings can be made from GRP structural profiles. Because the GRP material is a good electrical insulator, no expensive earthing arrangements are required for the structures.


krafton® GRP profiles
for Infrastructure/Bridges

krafton® offers more than five different types of plank or bridge decking elements that are available from stock. These bridge decking elements are ideal for cycle and pedestrian bridges, and are DIBt-certified.

krafton® can supply profiles for complete composite bridge construction and refurbishment projects. We have also developed 12 different fitting methods for bridge decking planks, all of which are also DIBt-certified. The bridge decking elements can be fixed to a support structure made from wood, steel, aluminium or GRP.

The planks are suitable for bridges, jetties, stairs, balconies and platforms, and can be supplied with a TÜV-certified non-slip coating.
If required, krafton® can also supply girders and railings in GRP.

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