krafton® produces high-quality glass fibre-reinforced plastic profiles for construction, infrastructure and industry. As a manufacturer of GRP profiles, we perform constant quality assurance checks at each stage of the process: raw materials selection, production and the final product. Your GRP profile. View our range here.

krafton® Structural Profiles with DIBt certification

During the pultrusion process, glass fibre strands are combined with thermosetting synthetic resins. Additives and fillers are used in addition to these two primary components: they also influence the characteristics of the final part.
Our GRP structural profiles have been awarded DIBt and EBA certification. They also satisfy the requirements of the NEN13706, E23 standard.
This means that all the technical characteristics, i.e. the physical properties of our GRP profiles, have been assessed by SKZ (Süddeutsche Kunststoff-Zentrum). This information can be made available to you for your structural calculations.

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GRP as an innovative building material

As an innovative building material, composites, commonly referred to as GRP, are ideal for many applications. Particularly when the product has to satisfy demanding requirements by combining light weight with high strength and good resistance to corrosion. Thanks to its thermal and electrical insulation characteristics, GRP is often an attractive solution in comparison to conventional structural profiles.
Designing composite structures is no more complex than designing structures made from steel, wood and other building materials.
The validated physical properties of krafton profiles mean that you can also perform the structural strength calculations required for your designs. In recent years, more and more construction projects have been successfully completed using krafton® structural profiles, such as U profiles, I profiles, angle profiles, GRP tube and bar profiles, etc.

The GRP structural profiles from krafton® meet the highest quality standards and are constantly tested. Our GRP structural profiles have been awarded DIBt certification among other certifications, which guarantees that the profiles meet the highest standards set for building materials. For more information about our certificates and approvals, please refer to the download page.

GRP profiles are highly versatile

Our range of GRP profiles, which is largely available from stock, includes: U profiles, angle profiles, tube profiles, box section profiles, bar profiles, strip, I or H profiles, etc.
Our profiles are used in many industrial sectors. They are used in applications where specific properties of the material are indispensable:

  • in electrical engineering, where the material is used because of its high electrical resistance.
  • in farming, because, in addition to being extremely strong, the material is also highly resistant to corrosion and chemical attack.
  • the profiles are used in residential construction because they offer an ideal ratio between strength and stiffness. The thermal insulation properties of our custom GRP profiles, such as door thresholds and window frames, are also in high demand.
  • in the field of infrastructure, where our profiles are used as reinforcement systems, façade elements or in pipeline construction.
  • in bridge construction, krafton® offers an excellent range of GRP profiles and GRP bridge decking elements for bridge refurbishment projects and/or the construction of new bridges.

Would you like more information about the range of possible applications?
GRP material can be used for many more applications than those listed here because its properties can be adapted to suit specific requirements.

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