Pultrusion is a continuous production process for manufacturing fibre-reinforced plastic profiles subject to tight quality monitoring. It allows accurate dimensional control of the pultrusion profile’s cross-section. Pultrusion is suitable for all kinds of fibres. Furthermore, several types of fibre can be combined. The ability to achieve a high fibre content (up to 70% by weight) results in high specific stiffness and strength.
This advanced processing technology was created to satisfy growing demand for glass fibre-reinforced plastic with excellent mechanical and physical properties.

Minimum CO2 emissions and the low level of energy consumption during production make the profiles extremely sustainable and more environmentally friendly than comparable steel and aluminium products, thereby achieving a good ecological balance.
krafton® has been a recognised expert in this field for decades and manufactures an extensive range of GRP profiles, such as angle profiles, tube profiles, bar profiles, H and I profiles and many special custom profiles.












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