Pultrusion is a mature processing technology that was originally conceived in response to growing demand for glass fibre-reinforced composites with good mechanical and physical properties. Pultrusion is an automated, continuous production process for manufacturing glass fibre-reinforced plastic profiles that guarantees constant quality and short delivery lead times.

The main advantage of this technology is the high glass fibre strand content of the profile, up to a maximum of 70% by weight, which makes the profiles extremely strong. The maximum profile height is 30 centimetres and the maximum width is 1 metre. Furthermore, any desired length can be produced using this technology.

This production method for reinforced polyester profiles makes it possible to match the material properties and structural characteristics required by design engineers. The fibre reinforcement, the type, the number and orientation of the fibres are the main variables, and these variables have a considerable effect on the mechanical properties of the profiles.

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